History starts with her story: Lizzie Magie, a pacifist Quaker, decided to communicate her critique about a rent-seeking class as the landlord's game. When her idea got stolen & published as a caricature with a Rockefeller hat, it became the most widely sold board game in history to this date -  Monopoly. Injustice, that even court-rulings could not right. But we'd be living in such a romantic world today if the face of inequality was merely buying real-estate & building hotels ...
Lizzie Magie - the inventor of the Landlord's Game
Its 1991 & things have changed: The cold war was over & capitalism had kicked communism's ass. The USSR had collapsed & the USA became the world’s dominant power & protector, permanently establishing itself in the middle East. Because if it’s all about money, it'll need some military power to go global. This is when Michael Lee Cregger thought the game of inequality was in need of a fresh remix. WorldControl was born.
Michael and the very first WorldControl
 But board game publishing was dominated by a couple of corporate giants as well & WorldControl was deemed too politically incorrect & not family-friendly to ever get published. It seemed to have gotten lost in history & dust settled over the game with its signature dice-rolling-arena, that would make Jumanji look like child’s play. It was only recovered from the family's Dungeons & Dragons section when exchange student Ivo from Austria was visiting the Cregger family & a new generation of players was about to grow up that just did not care about playing nice any more.
 Another decade would pass, until a broke small business-owner of hotel-building rose out of his ashes & emancipated himself to win again, but this time bigly. In these uncertain times it became clear that after Communism, Capitalism was next in reaching its expiration date. So no more ideologies - just pure Winning! The age of Playerism had finally come! 
WorldControl was spontaneously prototyped & funded on Kickstarter on election-day of 2016 - a year when Crowdfunding made board games great again.
 Ivo set to work not just to create a new board game but a true piece of playerist art. As a student of architecture he poured all his visual & crafting skill into creating the perfect safe space for the asshole inside all of us. A piece of furniture where the internal Bond-villain of everyday people can be played out was the simple goal. So like artists are required to do, he depleted himself beyond any financial reason, to realize that being a self-made trillionaire just wasn't for everyone.

cutting up boards
He also realized that he had already put in print the idea to have user-generated event-cards without possessing even the slightest programming skills. But since a desperate beer at the right time solves most of the world's problems, having one with Robbi lead to the birth of Con-Troll-Bot @MinisterVlatin almost overnight to serve as a guiding star for the fake-news-generation.
 So after decades of remaining in dark & only known to key Elite Players, WorldControl was finally released to the public, outside of any international jurisdiction, behind the barbed wired border of the Antifascism-Plaza, right outside of Vienna’s biggest amusement park, on the farthest edge of the world: In the independent Republik KugelMugel
Republic of KugelMugel
 The world is not a game - WorldControl is - The total board game! 
It's just a little reminder, that the world has enough problems & we all need a place to come together, where social norms & differences just really don't matter. And it may just be board games that remain as the last place on earth.

So when game-night is over, maybe take a second to appreciate the time together & how awesome the real world is when we are not trying to win it all. This is why WorldControl is covered with a silent, global cry for peace in the 50 most spoken languages, summed up by the final poem of the founder of the international poetry school, which has no long lines & is not even a word - just a sound. The sound that any mother on earth instinctively does to pacify her child: "sh"  
[ ʃ ]
So chill out & stay in the game

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